Qualifying Life Event

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Generally, there are three times when you can enroll in or may be able to change your medical and/or dental insurance:
  1. as a newly hired or newly eligible employee;
  2. after experiencing a qualified family status change, or life event; and
  3. during Open Enrollment, which is every May for July 1st coverage.
If you experience a qualified family status change during the fiscal year, you may make a change that corresponds with the qualifying event. Following are examples of qualifying life events:
  • Birth of Baby
  • Adoption
  • Legal Guardianship
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Death of spouse or dependents
  • Leaves of Absence, including military service leave
  • Spouse’s job loss
IMPORTANT DEADLINE - To change your coverage(s) when a qualified family status or life event occurs, you must complete a Medical and/or Dental Application and Change Form and return to SAU 29 HR office within 31 calendar days following the date of the event. Failure to timely complete the application will impact the effective date of coverage.

For the following situations, additional forms, along with the completed Medical and/or Dental Application and Change Form, are required as follows. All of these forms may be accessed at the HealthTrust's webpage by clicking here.
Dependent Child, Incapacitated or Incapable of Self-Support: Request for Certification for a Mentally or Physically Incapacitated Dependent Child form over the age of 26.
In the event of a divorce: Notice of Divorce, Legal Separation, or Dissolution of Civil Union form. Divorced spouses, or civil union partners, must be removed from your insurance the last day of the month following the divorce decree.