Employee Benefits

NH SAU29 employs over 950 people in sixteen different locations. A commitment to providing a high quality education to all of the students served by SAU29, no matter where they go to school, is the common thread that binds together all of our employees. SAU 29 employees understand they have the most important jobs in the world and that each community has entrusted them with their most precious assets, their children.

The Districts that comprise SAU29 pride themselves on providing excellent salary and benefits packages as well as working conditions that are among the best in New England. SAU29 values the work of each individual and understands that everyone makes their own unique contribution to our large and complex organization.

For information about the benefits packages offered within SAU29, simply click on the links provided below.

Collective Bargaining Agreements

Click here for a list of the Collective Bargaining Agreements by District.

If you are an employee not covered under one of the above listed Collective Bargaining Agreements please refer to your Districts Group benefits page for applicable benefits policies.


Plan Descriptions for Medical and Dental Insurance

Each employee group has it's own benefits page please be sure to check documents referenced on those pages.