Employee Information and Documents

Munis Employee Self Service (ESS)

Munis Employee Self Service (ESS) is a web based application that allows employees of SAU29 to privately access selected personal and payroll information. Employees can view and update contact information, such as: address, telephone number and dependents. Certain payroll changes can also be handled through this program such as completing an electronic w-4 election for tax deduction purposes.

The New Hampshire Retirement System (NHRS)

The New Hampshire Retirement System (NHRS) is the public employee pension plan for school district Employers in New Hampshire. The plan provides lifetime pension benefits that are determined at retirement under formulas prescribed by law; the pension benefit is not based on investment returns or contributions. The retirement system provides service retirement, early retirement, disability retirement, and vested deferred retirement benefits, as well as pre- and post-retirement death benefits.

Currently, NHRS Group I Employees (both teachers and hourly employees) contribute 7% of their gross pay into the system. To be eligible to enroll in NHRS, a teacher must work 30 hours or more a week (contracted at 80% FTE or greater); an hourly employee must work at least 35 hours/week on a regular basis in a benefits eligible position.

Enrollment Forms - To enroll in NHRS, please complete an NHRS Member Information/Enrollment Form. Complete Sections A and C only and return to the SAU29 HR office, along with required copies of your birth certificate and social security card. New members should also complete the "Designation of Death Beneficiaries Pre-Retirement" or the "Death Benefits Designation of a Trust as Beneficiary". Please note that the Death Beneficiary forms must be notarized. If you'd like someone in Human Resources to notarize the form, do not sign or date it until you are in front of a notary public.

This link will take you to the NHRS website page to obtain the necessary forms listed above to enroll in NHRS, along with informational brochures.

SAU29 on-line absence reporting and sub finder system - AESOP

Employees: Please follow the AESOP link: www.aesoponline.com and sign in using your assigned log-in ID and pin number. Once there you can report an absence of any kind; i.e., sick day, personal day, professional development day. Remember to tell the system how many days you will be out (for a scheduled absence) and to attach lesson plans or other information for the sub that will be covering your position during your absence.

Substitutes: Please follow the AESOP link: www.aesoponline.com and sign in using your assigned log-in ID and pin number. Once there you will see the open positions throughout SAU29 for which you are available and qualified for. You can accept a position right from the web site. If you have not accepted a position and you are available for the day, you may get a phone call in the evening or early morning asking if you are interested in accepting an open position.

Remember, training is available on the AESOP web site. Simply log in and find the training video you want to watch on the left hand side of the screen.