Professional Staff Supervision/Eval Advisory

Professional Staff Supervision - Evaluation Advisory Committee was formerly named Instructional Capacity Committee
The SAU 29 Instructional Capacity Committee was organized in February of 2013 for the purpose of redesigning the SAU 29 Professional Staff Performance Evaluation System to reflect the recommendations of the New Hampshire Task Force for Effective Teaching Phase II Report. In addition to incorporating the elements outlined in the Task Force Report, the Committee established the goal of making the evaluation system transformational, that is, a system that facilitates professional growth and nurtures the culture of the professional learning community.

​Effective November 1, 2017 the name of this committee was changed to the Professional Staff Supervision/Evaluation Advisory Committee and the established goal is to collect data and to advise on the staff supervision and evaluation process and share the information with the Professional Development Committee.

For more information regarding this committee, please contact:
Gaudry, Jay
Senior Administrative Assistant
(603) 357-9002 ex.225