Westmoreland School District

Westmoreland School

Westmoreland School

40 Glebe Road
Westmoreland, NH 03467
Telephone: 603-399-4421 FAX: 603-399-7107
Westmoreland School Principal
Westmoreland School is an idyllic community-based K-8 school with a talented staff of professionals who are eager to educate, serve, and partner with students and families. Situated in a pastoral setting, Westmoreland School's roots grow deep - providing students a nurturing education and ample opportunity for creativity and innovation.

While Westmoreland has consistently ranked as one of the top schools in Southwestern New Hampshire on the NCLB-mandated NECAP (New England Common Assessment Program) assessment, the primary focus is providing a quality, standards-based education through best practice instruction and technology. The school offers exemplary traditional academic courses which are coupled with music, band, choir, library/technology, guidance, world language, health, and physical education.

The teachers at Westmoreland School are skilled in their areas of expertise and collaborate through professional learning opportunities. All students benefit from a variety of wellness initiatives including: daily recess, structure physical education classes twice weekly, a nutritionally-responsive school-based lunch (and breakfast) program, and outdoor fields and forests a plenty. The Westmoreland School is happy to continue its involvement in the New Hampshire Dance Institute (NHDI) program.

The Westmoreland School fosters a common language about caring and citizenship through the Responsive Classroom model. Discipline is viewed as an opportunity to teach students to develop from their choices through natural and logical consequences.

Three years ago the Westmoreland School earned the distinction as a School of Choice for Technology. The middle school classrooms are equipped with Smartboards - interactive white boards - that allow for integration as a vehicle for rigorous and relevant learning. Additionally, roving Smartboards in the computer lab and elementary wing provide a chance for teachers to embed technology in a developmentally-responsive manner.