Westmoreland School District

Westmoreland School

Westmoreland School

40 Glebe Road
Westmoreland, NH 03467
Telephone: 603-399-4421 FAX: 603-399-7107
Westmoreland School Principal
Westmoreland School is an idyllic community-based K-8 school with a talented staff of professionals who are eager to educate, serve, and partner with students and families. Situated in a pastoral setting, Westmoreland School's roots grow deep - providing students a nurturing education and ample opportunity for creativity and innovation.

While Westmoreland has consistently ranked as one of the top schools in Southwestern New Hampshire on the NCLB-mandated NECAP (New England Common Assessment Program) assessment, the primary focus is providing a quality, standards-based education through best practice instruction and technology. The school offers exemplary traditional academic courses which are coupled with music, band, choir, library/technology, guidance, world language, health, and physical education.

The teachers at Westmoreland School are skilled in their areas of expertise and collaborate through professional learning opportunities. All students benefit from a variety of wellness initiatives including: daily recess, structure physical education classes twice weekly, a nutritionally-responsive school-based lunch (and breakfast) program, and outdoor fields and forests a plenty. The Westmoreland School is happy to continue its involvement in the New Hampshire Dance Institute (NHDI) program.

The Westmoreland School fosters a common language about caring and citizenship through the Responsive Classroom model. Discipline is viewed as an opportunity to teach students to develop from their choices through natural and logical consequences.