Hiring Process

Application Process

Thank you for your interest in employment with SAU29. SAU29 uses the on-line application system, Applitrack. If you are interested in applying for employment, you must complete the on-line application – we no longer accept paper applications. Once you have submitted your application it will be available for review by our principals and other hiring managers’ staff.

The application consists of multiple steps and may take 30-60 minutes to complete. You do NOT have to complete the process all at one time. You can use the “Continue/modify my application” link to return to your application to complete or update it. In order to give the principal or hiring manager all the information they need to decide whether or not to interview you, please complete your application as thoroughly as possible. Complete applications include attachments such as a letter of intent, a resume, three written letters of recommendation and a copy of transcripts and certification, if applicable. Remember, the application is a legal document and requires your careful attention.

You can choose to apply for multiple positions when initially submitting your application, however, you must resubmit or apply through Applitrack for each new vacancy in which you are interested. This does NOT mean you need to fill out another application; you can go back to your application at any time to update and resubmit your application if you are interested in a specific posting, by choosing “Continue/modify my application for employment” link or choosing the orange “Apply” icon next to a new vacancy.

When you submit your on-line application for employment you will receive an automatic e-mail acknowledging receipt of your application. If you receive an e-mail acknowledgement, we received your application.

All positions that are open within SAU29 are posted on the Applitrack system.

Interview Process 

Principals/hiring managers and their hiring committees review candidates’ applications and attached material on line in order to determine who to invite in for an interview. Make sure your information is up to date and complete. The principal or hiring manager will contact you directly if they want to set up an interview.

Your file will remain active for one year. If you find employment elsewhere please notify the Human Resource Office so that we may deactivate your file.

Hiring Process

Principals and/or hiring managers conduct interviews and select a candidate for hiring consideration. Prior to contacting you to offer a position, the principal/hiring manager will get a salary quote from the Director of Human Resources. This salary quote will be based on the information you supplied on your application.

Teachers and other certified staff will be interviewed by the superintendent of schools, and if accepted, nominated by the superintendent at the next school board meeting, where they are actually hired (elected) by the school board. Once that process is complete a contract is issued.

Non certified staff are typically not interviewed by the superintendent and do not need to be elected by the school board.

Once hired, new employees must contact Human Resources to arrange to be fingerprinted for the background investigation, provide proof of citizenship or ability to work in the United States, arrange for a pre-employment physical, get an identification badge, and complete payroll paperwork. ALL of these steps must be completed BEFORE you start working.

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Employment Application FAQs

  1. I don’t have my documents in electronic form. How can I attach them to my application?

    You can have your documents scanned to a disc at copy stores such as Staples, or possibly your local library. You can then upload them directly from your home computer. If you are still unable to upload documents, please contact the Human Resources Office at SAU 29 [email protected] for help with this.

  2. If I see another position posted in which I would be interested, should I re-apply?

    No, you should not re-apply. Log back on to your application and add the new position to the list you had previously selected.

  3. How will I know that you have received my application?

    You will receive an e-mail from the District indicating that your application has been received. If you do not receive an e-mail, log back on to your application and make sure you have entered the correct e-mail address. If it is correct, check your deleted e-mails. If you still do not see an e-mail, contact the Human Resources Office at SAU29.

  4. Some of my information has changed since I first completed my application. Should I send my new documents to the District?

    No, do not send documents to the District. Log back on to your application, and make the changes to it; e.g., added endorsement, new certificate expiration date or additional letter of reference. Searches for candidates are based on the information in your application, so it is imperative to keep it updated with current information. Scan the new document, and attach it to your application.

  5. I attached my document under the incorrect label; e.g., certificate labeled as Transcripts. How do I correct that?

    Contact the Human Resources Office at SAU29 to explain the situation and your document will be re-labeled correctly.

  6. Can I apply for a position even though there is not a specific one posted as available?

    Yes, you can select a general category as well as a specific job posting.

  7. Should I send in my original Transcripts when I apply for a position?

    No, you should not send in original transcripts. You should upload your scanned transcripts to your application. Original transcripts are required only if you obtain a position with the District, and you will be asked to provide them at that time.

  8. If I applied for a position for this year and was not hired, do I need to complete a new application next year if I want to apply again?

    No, you do not need to complete a new application. You would need to log back on to your application, updating it with current information. Your application will still be active, and you will be considered for open positions. You would need to upload any documents to your application that are new or have changed since the previous year.

  9. How will I know if my application is still considered “active”?

    You will receive an e-mail from the District when it is time for “inactive files” to be removed. You will be asked if you wish to keep your application “active” and given instructions on how to maintain this status if that is your intention. Your application will not be inactivated without notification.