SAU29 Is Seeking Community Input for Strategic Plan

Good Afternoon!

Hopefully everyone is off to a great 2024!  As promised, we are seeking greater community input with the work that has been done leading up to our five year strategic plan.  

After a thorough process of reviewing and analyzing all of the feedback that was collected earlier in the school year, we are ready to present the initial draft of the Portrait of a Graduate and Key Values Statements that reflect what we heard from our broader community.

Please provide us with your responses to THIS SURVEY before the end of the day on Friday, February 9, 2024.  

Why are we creating a Portrait of a Graduate and a Strategic Plan? 

Because if we identify the attributes that all students should have when they graduate and purposefully develop and assess these skills and characteristics, our graduates will be better prepared for success, lifelong learning and to positively impact the world in which they live. Our key value statements will guide us in the creation of the Strategic Plan which will help us organize our schools, staff and time.

Who should participate in this survey?

Basically everyone with an interest in providing a sound education for the students in our community.  This includes students, parents/guardians, school staff and administrators, school board members, grandparents, neighbors, business owners, and the list could go on.  Please note that this  survey is not directed at only the high school level.  It includes all levels of school from pre-kindergartent through grade 12.

Portrait of a Graduate Preview

Based on all of the feedback collected from a variety of stakeholders over the last few months, the Strategic Planning Committee has narrowed down the pillars of our Portrait of a Graduate to the five themes listed below. Please note these themes are not listed in any particular order.

Career and Life Ready. Our graduates are well rounded, goal oriented, joyful, confident, lifelong learners who are ready to make responsible decisions and chart their own path to success.

Critical Thinkers. Our graduates are able to use logic, reasoning, and creativity to think critically, artistically, and to apply knowledge to problem solve on their path to success.

Effective Communicators. Our graduates communicate thoughts and opinions effectively with a variety of audiences and through different platforms. These skills empower graduates to be leaders who can work within a range of settings, as individuals and as part of collaborative teams.

Individually and Socially Aware. Our graduates are kind, empathetic, confident, self-aware, and open minded. They are socially aware individuals who prioritize relationships and community building by advocating for self and others.

Caring Local and Global Contributors. Our graduates are global contributors who are proud of their local community. They are aware of the world beyond the SAU29 school district. They have learned to understand a variety of perspectives and points of view, and can be actively engaged in a range of issues, including civic, environmental, and social justice causes.

Key Values Statements Preview

Based on all of the feedback collected from a variety of stakeholders over the last few months, the Strategic Planning Committee has narrowed down our key values to the five statements listed below. Please note these are not listed in any particular order.

Partnerships for Learning. We believe in partnering with our families and community in support of student learning.

Safe, Positive, and Inclusive Environments. We believe each individual deserves the opportunity to be recognized, take risks, and learn in a safe, positive, and inclusive environment.

Communication and Outreach. We believe in consistent and transparent communication and outreach through multiple platforms.

Opportunities, Access, and Pathways. We believe in fostering the development of the whole student by providing wide-encompassing opportunities and multiple pathways to success.

High-Quality Educators. We believe if we nurture high-quality, dedicated educators, we foster student success.

Most Respectfully,
Robert H. Malay
Superintendent of Schools
School Administrative Unit 29