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We want to assure our employees that, with the ever-changing guidelines concerning benefits you may/may not be eligible for, the Human Resources office is working to keep you informed. Below you will find information and links that serve as a foundation of resources. As always, we stand committed to making sure our employees are served to the best of our ability.  Your time and patience during this time is greatly appreciated.



  1. COVID-Related Leave Board Policy 2021-2022 School Year ONLY
  2. Unemployment Benefits
  3. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  4. Other Resources

COVID-Related Leave Board Policy 2021-2022 School Year ONLY

Please read the following information prior to submitting a request.

What Board Policy?

All SAU 29 School Boards have approved a policy granting additional COVID-related leave to their staff retroactively for this school year only. Refer to the GCCA policy on your respective district’s website for details.

Who is Eligible?

Eligible employees are all regularly scheduled, active staff members (including part-time) who have missed or will miss work time due to COVID during this school year due to one of the following:
  1. The employee tests positive for COVID-19, and published guidance from the State of NH Department of Health and Human Service recommends the employee isolate, or needed to care for a child in their household that was required to isolate; or

  2. The employee is exposed to a person in his/her household who has tested positive for COVID-19, and published guidance from the State of NH Department of Health and Human Services recommends that the employee quarantine, or needed to care for a child in their household that was required to quarantine.

  3. Employees whose positions are not part of a collective bargaining agreement (union) are covered by their respective Board policy automatically.

  4. Employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement must have the Association’s written acceptance of the Board policy in order to be eligible for this benefit. Refer to the list below to determine if your bargaining unit has accepted the Board policy.
Units that have accepted the Board policy:
  • Chesterfield Education Association (CEA)
  • Chesterfield Support Staff (CSSA)
  • Harrisville Education Association (HEA)
  • Association of Keene Tutors (AKT)
  • Keene Association of Principals and Supervisors (KAPS)
  • Keene Clinical Service Providers (KCSP)
  • Keene Custodians AFSCME AFL-CIO
  • Keene Education Association (KEA)
  • Keene Educational Office Personnel Group (KEOPG)
  • Keene Paraprofessional Association (KPA)
  • Marlborough Education Association (MEA)
  • Marlow Education Association (MEA)
  • Westmoreland Teachers' Association (WTA)

What Is The Benefit?

Board policy GCCA provides eligible employees up to a maximum of ten (10) COVID leave days for COVID-related absences this school year (retroactively). Employees must provide documentation supporting that the leave request was COVID-related.

What Information Do I Need To Apply?

  1. You will need the dates you were unable to work because:

    1. You were advised to isolate or needed to care for a child in your household that was required to isolate; or
    2. You were exposed to a person in your household who tested positive for COVID-19, and published guidelines from public health recommended that you quarantine, or needed to care for a child in your household that was required to quarantine.

  2. An employee who requests COVID-19 leave shall submit documentation to corroborate eligibility, including a copy or photograph of a positive test result, or other medical certification to validate a positive test result.

How Do I Apply For This Benefit?

To apply for reinstating accrued leave time or payment of unpaid time due to COVID-related absences, employees must:
  1. Log into your SAU29 google account.

  2. Complete the required google form (SAU29 COVID Leave Policy Application) AND upload the supporting documentation.

    1. You may enter multiple work dates (up to 10) per request form and those dates must correspond with the COVID related absences.

    2. For each date entered you must upload a copy of the documentation (pdf or picture) into the form.

    3. The same document (if applicable) may be used for multiple days (e.g. I missed 5 days total, 12/6/21-12/10/21, I have one doctor’s note for that time period. I will enter each day separately on the one form and for each of those days upload a copy of that same document).

  3. Only completed sections/forms can be submitted.

  4. Once you have submitted your form you will receive an email verifying your completed submission. This WILL NOT happen immediately. Please allow up to ten (10) work days since your submission date before contacting HR.

Why Can’t I Submit My Application Or Why Was My Application Rejected?

  • Check your application. Applications with incorrect information (dates that do not match payroll records) will be rejected and the employee notified. The employee must edit their application and resubmit it. Only fully complete and accurate forms will be processed.
  • You did not upload the relevant supporting documentation. Please upload documentation and resubmit your application.

What Happens If I’m Absent for COVID Related Reasons between Now and the End of This School Year?

  1. If an employee misses time and has not already claimed all 10 days, an employee must enter the appropriate accrual leave (e.g. sick, etc.) into AESOP and on their timecard, if applicable.

  2. The employee must then complete the above mentioned form/process and request reinstatement of those work days (If completed in a timely manner this transaction MAY occur in the same pay period). Make sure to retain and upload all supporting documentation for the leave.

  3. If you have already applied for and received this leave benefit and need to be absent for COVID-related reasons, you must submit accrued leave to cover the absence(s). If you have no accrued leave, you must submit a request for unpaid leave to your respective school board via a letter to Human Resources.

I Still Have Questions. Who Should I Contact?

Please email the Human Resources Department at for assistance.
Unemployment Benefits: New Hampshire Employment Security (NHES)


At this time, NHES is advising that all claims and questions should be directed to or the Unemployment Assistance Hotline at 603-271-7700 or you can view their Unemployment Compensation Quick Tips here.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)


Staff with concerns about performing their work duties due to Covid-19 or who wish to request a modification to their work environment must contact the Human Resources Department and complete the following online request form ( to initiate the reasonable accommodation interactive process accompanied by a completed medical certification form found here.


Other Staff Resources


Below you will find information made available by our providers. It is important to note that all employees are welcome to the information provided on the wellness and employee assistance program, however, materials relating specifically to coverage details are limited to those covered under such plans.