E-Flyer Distribution Program

SAU29 Flyer Distribution Process Requirements

SAU 29 is committed to providing families with information related to schools, school programs, or non-school programs offered by organizations approved by the Superintendent of Schools and deemed to have educational, recreational or social value to students. Please help us by using the E-Flyer process and limiting unnecessary printing in an effort to "go green" and help preserve the environment.

Flyers for approved programs will be accepted for posting on the district website from the fourth week of September through the end of school of the current school year and must adhere to the following:
  1. Non-school organizations may be granted permissions to distribute, subject to the provisions of this policy, materials appropriate to the school setting. Requests for distribution of materials will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Distribution of material that is obscene, libelous, promotes illegal conduct, or is disruptive in nature is prohibited.
  2. All non-school persons must submit their materials to the Superintendent or designee for approval. Flyers must be produced by an organization operating for youths, should be for activities and events having clear educational, recreational, or social value to students, must be free of objectionable advertising, and contain no requests for donations or solicitations for service. Flyers should indicate appropriate grade-level audience the content is intended to reach.
  3. All non-school flyers must be submitted at least ten (10) days prior to desired distribution date. The Superintendent or designee will approve or deny the request to distribute materials. Submit an electronic copy (.pdf) of the flyer to:

    The requesting group/organization will be notified of approval status via email.
  4. All written materials must contain the disclaimer: "This is not a school-sponsored activity."
  5. In the event that permission to distribute materials is denied, the non-school organization may request reconsideration of the decision by the appropriate school board. The request for reconsideration must be in writing and must set forth the reasons why distribution is desirable and in the interest of the school community.
  6. Flyers will remain posted on the SAU 29 website until the date of your event or deadline, or for 30 days, whichever comes first.
Please note: Those persons interested in hanging posters in the schools or distributing information/flyers to staff members only may do so with the permissions of the individual school's principal.

Click here for a downloadable PDF of the above information, please see: SAU 29 Flyer Distribution Process Requirements
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