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Monday, 3/23/2020 - SAU29 COVID-19 Update

Good Afternoon,
Throughout Day 1 of remote learning I have received reports and feedback on how things were going. First, there were a number of people that were pleasantly surprised at how well things worked. We certainly thought our plan was built on a solid framework and the early returns are supporting that. Please know that we are not resting on today’s sample to become the end all for this structure as we continue to learn and grow with it throughout our communities.
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Friday, 3/20/2020 - SAU29 COVID-19 Update

Good Afternoon,
What a week. I am at a loss for words to describe the overwhelming support of our communities and our staff throughout the course of the past 7 days. Everyone has hit the ground running 100 MPH and have just kept going! I am eternally grateful for everyone’s effort as well as everyone’s patience.

From the onset of this effort, we have had multiple priorities to work through. Before today comes to a close, I believe we will have all of those priorities addressed. Priorities that range from remote learning, to special education, to technology, to meals, to surveys and equally as important, keeping all of our valued employees, we will have structures in place to start next week.

I want to stress that when we implement remote learning on Monday, to please continue with the patience you have afforded all of us. We feel really good about our plan, yet we recognize that we may need to adjust on the go. As we roll out remote learning, please do not hesitate to connect with your child(ren)’s teacher(s) to provide them with feedback on how it is working. That feedback will lend itself to making this as successful as we can possibly make it.

As we head into the weekend, I want to stress to you the importance of self care. Although the sun is expected to be out, the temperatures may not be as pleasant as we would like, try to enjoy some fresh air anyway. I am also including a “Healthy Habits for Well Being” document put together by the New Hampshire Department of Education for your consideration.

Be well!
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