Nelson Elementary School Receives Blue Ribbon Award

Congratulations to the Nelson Elementary School for receiving a Blue Ribbon Award through New Hampshire Partners in Education, an organization that enhances and enriches the education of children through recognizing and celebrating school volunteerism.

Nelson Elementary School principal Ron Upton and Kindergarten teacher Cindy Benner and School Board Chair Kelly French accepted this distinguished award during a ceremony in Concord on October 26. Only 86 out of the 431 total schools in New Hampshire have received this award. We are fortunate to have local community members volunteer many hours of their time annually to support our students and enrich their learning and educational experience at Nelson Elementary school. This honor is truly a community award!

“I am pleased that the NH Partners in Education committee chose Nelson Elementary School to receive this recognition,” says Nelson Elementary School Principal Ron Upton. ”The communities of Nelson and Sullivan support our school in so many ways on a regular basis. This particular award is a tribute to the volunteers and their many hours of service. Their work is appreciated and is making our school better each day!”
l-r: Cindy Benner, Ron Upton, and School Board Chair Kelly French
From left to right: Cindy Benner, Ron Upton, and School Board Chair Kelly French