SAU 29 Draft Opening Plan 2021-2022

July 1

Good Afternoon,

There are two primary objectives for this update as we bask in the summer months and enjoy some much needed downtime in our lives.

The first is to publicly release the draft of our opening plan for next school year.  Earlier today I released a video explaining much about why we have taken the approach that we have for next school year.  Rather than overwhelming you with volumes of text, I would encourage you to review the video as you feel necessary.  Here, I’ll keep it relatively short and simple.  Initially, our vision was to approach next here in a “Back to Normal” mindset.  However, in consultation with a trusted and valued partner in our schools, we shifted that focus to “Better Than Normal.”  Again, the deeper explanation is captured on the video if you feel so inclined.

With the release of the draft plan, we want to hear from you.  Please use this link to provide us with your feedback by July 9th.  Our team will review and consider the input that is received with the goal of finalizing our plan by July 16th.

The second purpose is to formally announce that effective Monday, July 5, 2021 face coverings will no longer be required in our buildings.  Individuals that feel they would like to continue wearing a face covering shall have the option of doing so.  Additionally, we are canceling the daily screener that we used last year.  District policies will take the place of what the screener did for us moving forward.

There you have it, short and to the point.  I want to thank you for all of your efforts and support in the past and I look forward to strengthening that relationship, together, as we move forward.

Have a great summer everyone!