Thursday, 5/21/2020 - SAU29 COVID-19 Update

There has been a considerable amount of effort and focus on the commencement ceremony plans for the Class of 2020. The Class Council, in collaboration with the Keene High School administration and staff, have been working through the logistics of the ceremony with organizations that are going to be providing a great deal of support to make this a memorable event for our soon to be alumni. It was approached with two main priorities in mind: 

1. To honor and celebrate the Class of 2020 and

2. To maintain the safety of all participants.


While it may not be exactly what every individual had pictured it to be, I think it is important to know that it will check many (if not most) of the boxes that were important to the senior class. I think that it is also important that we all do our part in helping our seniors feel good about the outcome so that they can enjoy the day to the fullest. An official communication with details on the event as well as other end-of-year activities, will be sent out tomorrow, Friday, May 22nd by Principal Logan to the seniors, their families, and to the staff in time to meet our publicized deadline.  Kudos to all that have lent a hand in working through this celebration of the Class of 2020 and for the huge efforts that will still be forthcoming. Our seniors deserve it!

Along that same vein, all of our schools are working through the end-of-year event guidance and how to appropriately recognize the students that may be matriculating to the next level of school after this year concludes. Those details will be shared by each individual building principal when they are finalized so that folks will know what to expect as we close out the school year. While the circumstances may not be ideal, it is more important now than perhaps it has ever been to take the time to celebrate our students and their achievements at all levels of schooling. Please understand that, again, each celebration may not be exactly what individuals may have had in mind but it will meet the criteria in the guidance provided by the state and will be a celebration nonetheless.

I’ve shared below the favorite plays submitted by the students as a result of last week’s challenge. Tomorrow, I will wrap up the responses by sharing the listing of favorite poems.  Quite an interesting breadth of responses for all of the categories they responded to last week showcasing our diverse range of interest amongst our student population. I have also been busy Tweeting the responses to this week’s challenge as they come in so that I don’t get too far in a hole by the end of the day tomorrow. Some really nice messages in recognition of Memorial Day have been shared by students ranging from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

There are still viewing slots available for the film “Angst” for families and staff alike. We received a personal video from Chief Justice Broderick echoing the importance and value these films bring to increase awareness of issues that may lead to social, emotional and mental well-being concerns of our young people. Please take a moment to listen to the former Chief Justice when you have the opportunity and consider viewing the film at your convenience. Next week we will launch the third of our feature films “The Upstanders.”  The film hones in on cyber-bullying and the impacts that it has on our children. We are going to approach this film a little differently as we will attempt to hold a live panel discussion after watching the film. In order for that to happen, we will be asking families to view the film at 6pm on Thursday, May 28, 2020 with the live discussion immediately following.  More details will be shared at a later date in the update.

I think that I’m going to end today with this general thought to consider. I have been in communication with countless people throughout the onset of this pandemic, from students of all grade levels, to parents, to educators, to community members, to local health officials, to local agencies, and every imaginable group in between. Everyone's perception and take on things has been unique to their experiences and no two experiences have been identical. The struggles and challenges have been real just like the successes and triumphs have been real.  But at the end of the day, the one constant that has held true, despite the struggles, the hardships, the challenges, and the difficulties, has been the belief that we CAN and will get through this.  Hey, we’re now one day closer to the end - WE GOT THIS!!!

Be Well,


Remote Learning: If you are experiencing any difficulties or concerns with your child’s remote learning or have questions regarding what is expected, please start by asking your child’s teacher. Our teachers are doing a GREAT job of continuing the teaching and learning process through these adverse circumstances and can provide immediate answers or direct your questions accordingly.

Mental Health and Mental Health Awareness MonthMonday we launched access to our second feature film for Mental Health Awareness Month. Below you will find the link and login information in order to access the Angst online program.

Link to View Angst


Password: sau29

The remaining schedule for the films will be as follows:

May 11-15:  Like a film about the impacts of social media (still available)

May 18-22:  Angst a film about anxiety in our youth.

May 25-29:  The Upstanders a film about Cyber-bullying.

A friendly reminder that we have limited viewings for each film, so it is really important that households only access one of the viewings. This will allow more of our families and our staff to be able to watch the films as well.

As always, please reach out to your child’s team of school counselors or school nurses if you need support or assistance during this challenging time. If you are not sure who to contact, please call or email your child's building principal.  If you are unable to reach someone, please contact the Student Services Offices at 357-9001 extension 230 or email  


  • The 5 Signs to help you identify and support others who may be struggling more than usual at this challenging time, or at any time.
  • A Mom's Retreat - A podcast on managing anxiety.

School Boards:  Please use the links below to access the most recent school board meetings for your respective school district.

Chesterfield -  CSB Meeting Video

Harrisville -  HSB Meeting Video

Keene - KBE Meeting Video

Marlborough - MbSB Meeting Video

Marlow - MwSB Meeting Video

Nelson - NSB Meeting Video

Westmoreland - WSB Meeting Video

Student Challenge:  This week’s challenge is related to Memorial Day. Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States and is an observance to honor military personnel that have passed away while serving.  

My challenge to you is to write a brief message to those that have passed while serving our country. You may know someone specifically that has, or maybe you do not. It’s okay either way, but what would you like them to know if they were here today?

I will be tweeting the responses (anonymously) that come in throughout the week and weekend.  You can follow them on Twitter by finding me (@rhmalay).  Students, please get your parent’s permission before setting up an account. Send your response to me directly by email at, or through a Google Doc.  This challenge will remain open until Friday, May 22nd at 5pm.  

Special Education: The special education and related services staff continue to provide specialized instruction and related therapies from a distance. Moreover, our paraprofessionals and tutors are providing important assistance and support with remote instruction. In addition, the special education department is moving forward with the daily business of Individualized Education Plan Meetings (IEP), transition meetings and Extended School Year Services meetings (ESY) for those students that qualify. As always, please reach out to the Student Services Offices at 357-9001 extension 230 or email Our hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 3:00.  Thank you!

Meals: The order form for meal pick up in the towns is now open for Wednesday, May 27th. Orders MUST be submitted no later than today, Thursday, May 21st at 5pm.  Please use this meal order form link to place your order.

Meal pick up for Keene is behind Franklin and Keene High School on Wednesday, May 27th from 7:30-11:30am.  No preorder is required

At all pickup locations on Wednesday, May 27th you will receive 5 days’ worth of meals due to the holiday weekend.

Menus and offerings will vary based on availability.

Technology: Help desk number (603) 352-0640 ext 3871. For help with the Home user and remote learning click here

Phishing attempts:  We have had another phishing attempt. We have blocked the person that is attempting to scam us. Please read this document for more information.

We have Kami as a part of the Google classroom for Teachers and students. Click here for the 1st time login instructions. Click here for the help with getting started with Kami.  

Vetted APPs and Websites:  You can check the online vetted site here: SDPC.  Look up the App and website by company. We have added more to the list as we get them back from the Vetting team. 

Reporting AbuseIf you see something, please say something.  You can find guidance on the NH Department of Health and Human Services website.  

Additional Resources:

School Calendars: You can use this link to view your district’s calendar:  SAU 29 School District Calendars.  The 2020-2021 school year calendars can also be found using this link.

School Buildings: Building hours are 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday for staff only.  All buildings are closed on the weekend.

School GroundsAll school playgrounds, fields, and other outdoor facilities are closed until further notice.  

Social Distancing:  Please refer to Governor Sununu’s Emergency Orders for additional guidance on this as well as other areas of interest.

Contact Information: Dr. Rick Matte is the lead contact person for all COVID-19 inquiries and concerns at all SAU 29 schools and districts.  He can be reached at

Governor Sununu has also activated a 24-hour COVID-19 hotline for all related needs and supports. The hotline can be reached by dialing 211.

COVID-19 and Remote Learning Resources:

Favorite Plays:

  • A Christmas Carol

  • Our Town

  • Disney on Ice

  • The Lion King

  • Annie

  • The stage form of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts one and Two

  • Hamilton

  • Charlotte's Web

  • The Magic Flute

  • Mama Mia!

  • Tarzan

  • A Midsummer Night's Dream

  • Tom Sawyer

  • Romeo & Juliet

  • Annie

  • Red vs. Wolf

  • The Little Mermaid

  • Annie

  • Hamlet - Shakespeare

  • Swan Lake- Tchaikovsky

  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream - William Shakespeare

  • School plays

  • Catch :)