Keene School District Announces Principal for Fuller Elementary School

Mrs. Moaratty holds a Master’s of Education – Guidance and Counseling from Goddard College (VT). Currently, Moaratty is the Dean of Students/Assistant Principal K-4 in the Dover (NH) School District and has an extensive background in school counseling. Moaratty spent her childhood in Nashua, New Hampshire where she credited her school counselor as her motivation for entering the field of education. As a child, she valued the relationships she had with teachers and her guidance counselor throughout her formative years. As a result, she believes that relationship building is a key factor in helping students succeed during a child’s school career. A tenet she carries with her today.


Mrs. Moaratty has made working with community members, stakeholder groups and organizations the cornerstone of her 16-year career in education in order to strengthen students’ ties to their community while they develop a sense of belonging. While serving as the Student Services Coordinator/Family Support Counselor in the Newport (NH) School District, Moaratty worked with the local airport to develop an aviation program that allowed students to engage in experiential activities as they learned about career opportunities that require science, technology, and engineering. Moaratty looks forward to making connections with the community in and around Keene to offer authentic experiences to help Fuller students grow and excel into lifelong learners.


Upon learning of her selection, Mrs. Moaratty stated, “I believe all students are capable of succeeding when given the right options as a learner. I look forward to working with the students, staff, and Fuller School community to provide every opportunity available to help our students succeed.”