KHS Drama Club Winner of “Razzle Dazzle Competition" for "Chicago: High School Edition"

Group photo of KHS Drama Club

The KHS Drama Club hopes to bring to light some of the reasons why renowned choreographer, director, and writer Bob Fosse developed Chicago. The sensationalism of the press and its power to make celebrities out of criminals in the eyes of the public are at the heart of this musical satire, which is structured as a series of vaudeville acts highlighting the hypocrisy of theatre and society at the time. Fosse's message, though set in the Windy City in the 20s, remains timeless, and it is important to understand the impact of this issue.

The contest consisted of a short questionnaire and an essay about how receiving this award would help the students "razzle dazzle" both the school and the greater community by demonstrating how musical theatre impacts their lives. The essay contained words of more than a dozen club members. The KHS Drama Club plans to produce the show in the fall of 2019.