SAU 29 School District Information

There are seven independent school districts in SAU 29 – Chesterfield, Harrisville, Keene, Marlborough, Marlow, Nelson and Westmoreland. Each has its own elected school board, which oversees its school district’s affairs, including:

  • Budget
  • Policies
  • Hiring of the Superintendent
  • Approval of Superintendent’s nominations of faculty and administrators

In addition to a school board, each district has a moderator and clerk. For more information about each of the districts and its budget process, please go to that district's web page.

School district elections for board members, moderators and clerks are held in March. Specific information about filing deadlines, eligibility, and election procedure may be found on each individual district web page.

There is also an SAU 29 Board made up of the members from each of the seven school districts. The SAU board oversees the governance of the SAU, including staff, budget and policies.

School Administrative Unit 29

School districts in New Hampshire are organized in School Administrative Units (SAUs). School Administrative Unit 29 is comprised of seven independent school districts—

School/District Grades # of Students Middle School High School
Chesterfield K-8 271 Chesterfield Keene HS
Harrisville K-6 49 Keene MS Keene HS
Keene PK-12 3,385 Keene MS Keene HS
Marlborough K-8 185 Marlborough Keene HS
Marlow K-6 24 Keene MS Keene HS
Nelson K-6 80 Keene MS Keene HS
Westmoreland K-8 140 Westmoreland Keene HS

*Notes: Keene has 5 elementary schools enrolling 1,170 students, one middle school with 680 students and the Keene High School serving all of SAU 29 with 1,462 students.

SAU 29 is the largest multi-district S.A.U. in New Hampshire. Its responsibilities include managing a collective budget of approximately $90.7 million, maintaining 14 school buildings, coordinating the activities of seven independent school boards, and supervising the educational program for approximately 4,134 students.

SAU 29 and its member districts employ more than 960 people and cover 211 square miles in southwestern New Hampshire.

School Mission

The mission of the schools within SAU 29 is to provide each child with the opportunity to participate in challenging, productive and relevant learning activities which promote individual growth and skills development that will enhance the likelihood of each student leading a productive and fulfilling role in our society

Administrative Staff Includes: