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The Payroll Department is committed to providing all SAU 29 employees with accurate and timely payments complying with government regulations and providing the highest level of customer service, and professionalism. 

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 Tasha Spruchman 

     SAU29 Payroll Specialist

     (603) 357-9002 x209

 Jennifer Dettelback

     SAU29 Assistant Payroll Specialist 

     (603) 357-9002 x201

Payroll Information
All SAU 29 employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis. The bi-weekly payment represents earnings for the period ending 14 days prior to the check date. If any dates of payment should occur on a holiday, payment will be made on the last working day prior to the holiday. Employees enrolled in direct deposit will receive their payroll advice via a secure email on the scheduled payroll date. 

Payroll Schedules:
Direct Deposit
The SAU 29 employees are encouraged to enroll in Direct Deposit and take advantage in the benefits in provides. Direct deposit is secure, convenient and fast. There is no check to lose and no wait for the check to clear. If you are not already enrolled simply return a completed enrollment form along with account verification information to the Payroll Department. 

Direct Deposit Form: