Keene Custodians

Keene Custodians who work 40 hours per week are offered a comprehensive benefits package of medical insurance, including prescriptions and vision care; dental insurance; life insurance; long-term disability and short-term disability; enrollment in the NH Retirement System; direct deposit; 403(b) plan through Fidelity; sick leave; paid personal leave; paid holidays; and vacation leave.

The first sixty (60) days of employment as a Keene custodian is considered a probationary period to permit the district to determine a new employee's fitness and adaptability for the work required.

The first of the month following 60 days of probation, a Keene custodian may enroll in medical and/or dental insurance. Once you submit your elections, your choices will be recorded as your benefits elections until the next Open Enrollment period (every July 1st).  You may not make any changes to your elections unless you have a qualified family status change.   The effective date for medical and/or dental insurance is the first of any given month following 60 days probation or the first of the month following the date of a qualifying event.

Currently, both medical and dental insurance is offered through the HealthTrust.  The HealthTrust has contracted with Anthem BC/BS of NH to insure their medical plans and Northeast Delta Dental to insure the Option 4B dental plan offered to Keene Custodians.

Keene Custodians Bargaining Agreement

4/27/16 - Sharon Rhoades

Insurance Choices for Keene Custodians

Listed below are all of the medical and dental insurance plans currently offered to employees in SAU 29. However, your district/group may only offer some of the choices shown. Currently, Keene Custodians offers a choice of two medical plans: AB20 (HMO) or the AB 15 IPED. The dental plan offered to Keene Custodians is the Option 4B dental only.

For a comprehensive comparison sheet of the health plans offered please click here.

The federal healthcare reform law, PPACA, requires the school district to make available to all employees who are enrolled in, or eligible to be enrolled in the District's insurance, with a Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC). The SBC describes the plan benefits and coverage, including prescription coverage for each of the medical plans offered. The format of the SBC is designed to allow employees to compare benefits and coverage among the various health insurance plans offered. Please be aware that the SBC does not replace Anthem's Medical Plan Summaries as listed below. To obtain copies of the SBC's, please click here.

Keene Custodians Insurance Costs

Employee deductions for medical and dental are taken on a pre-tax basis throughout the year.  To view the Employer and employee costs for medical and dental insurance, please click below.

Click on the below link under the HealthTrust Resources webpage to find the forms needed to enroll in SAU 29's medical and/or dental insurance. Once at this webpage, please click on "Forms, Documents and Brochures" tab on the left and then scroll down to Medical and Dental Enrollment.  Print out the "Medical and/or Dental Application and Change Form". NOTE: SAU 29 offers both medical and dental insurance through the HealthTrust, so any changes must be made on the Medical and/or Dental Application and Change Formplease do not complete the Dental Application and Change form.

Click here to be directed to the HealthTrust's Resources page


Term life insurance, with Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) is offered to an eligible employee at no cost through the Voya-Financial Insurance Company (formerly known as ING).  Keene custodians have a term life benefit amount of one times (1x) the annual rate of basic earnings rounded to the next higher multiple of $1,000.  Life insurance goes into effect the first day of the month following 60 days of continuous employment and remains in effect until an employee either retires or resigns.  Upon first becoming eligible for the District paid term life insurance, please complete the following enrollment form, sign and date and return to Human Resources:  Voya Life Beneficiary Designation Form

Following is the Life Insurance Policy to print for your records.

Please note you must be logged into your SAU 29 google account to view the life insurance and LTD policies.

Keene Custodians Certificate of Life Insurance 


Long-term disability insurance is offered by the Keene School District at no cost to all eligible employees. Long-term disability (LTD) is paid as a monthly benefit by our insurance carrier at 60% of your pre-disability earnings. The benefit waiting period for long-term disability is the later of: a) 90 days; or b) the date your accumulated sick leave ends, if applicable.  A Keene custodian becomes eligible to enroll in the long-term disability program the first of the month following 60 days of continuous employment.

Please note you must be logged into your SAU 29 google account to view the life insurance and LTD policies.


Short-term disability (STD) is paid by the District at 60% of either your per diem rate (if you are paid an annual salary), or 60% of your hourly rate (for support staff).  An employee is eligible for STD upon exhaustion of all sick leave OR on the 10th consecutive day out sick (whichever is later).


Life can bring uncertainties, worries, and stress, but there is help!  Life Resources is our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider, and they have a FREE referral service to help with life’s challenges.  This service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and it’s completely confidential.

The Employee Assistance Program is a service provided by our insurer providing services to ALL SAU 29 employees and their household members, regardless of insurance eligibility.  This program is designed to assist employees and their loved ones in maintaining their work life balance.  Services provided include but are not limited to assistance for health-impacting life stressors not covered by traditional medical plans including: behavioral health therapy, legal and financial consultations, support in obtaining caregiver support/access, educational and professional development, etc.

Please see the below linked flyer that describes our EAP, as well as a flyer that instructs you on how to access the new APP they have created.


All full-time, eligible employees must enroll in NHRS. Click here for more information and enrollment forms.


An employee may elect direct deposit of paychecks at anytime by completing the following form below and returning to the payroll office:

403(B) Plan

NH School Administrative Unit 29 is pleased to partner with Fidelity Investments as our exclusive provider of investment options and recordkeeping services for the SAU 29 403(b) plan.